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About Chief Solutions

Chief Solutions, Inc., works to protect, preserve and enhance our environment.

Chief Solutions, Inc., a technical consulting firm, is an industry leader performing physical inspections through sewer line cleaning, television inspection, and other inspection methods for comprehensive Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Surveys (SSES). Chief Solutions has been collecting crucial design engineering data for over 23 years. Chief Solutions has since become one of the largest and most experienced SSES inspection firms in the United States.

Chief Solutions has inspected more than 108 million linear feet, or 23,000 miles, of storm and sanitary sewer lines to date. We currently operate with over 100 employees nationwide. Our corporate office is located in Houston, Texas, and we have offices located in Atlanta, Dallas, Indianapolis, and Robeline, Louisiana.

Much of the work we perform is from repeat clients. Our client list includes local engineering firms and contractors, as well as the following national and international engineering firms, major cities, and contractors as show below.

Engineering Firms Major Cities Contractors
MWHA Houston Insituform
Claunch & Miller Dallas PM Construction
Weston Solutions, Inc Corpus Christi Re Pipe
CDM Fort Worth Horseshoe Construction
PBS & J Austin Underground Technologies Inc.
Lockwood, Andrews and Newman (LAN) Atlanta Reynolds
CH2M Hill Jacksonville, FL  

Our Services

Our services include mapping underground utilities, identifying problems in underground infrastructures, and physical inspections of water and wastewater drainage systems, including pre- and post-construction television inspections of water, storm, and sanitary sewer systems.

All of our inspection and testing techniques are performed in accordance with the Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PAPC) and other client-selected reporting methods. Our complete physical inspections of water and waste water systems has helped clients comply with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules and regulations on infrastructure rehabilitation projects.

In addition to our firm's experience and inspection qualifications in the water and wastewater industry, Chief Solutions, Inc. is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) with American Indian status. In the event that the project requires MBE participation, we are pleased to offer this qualification.

Quality Control/Safety Employee Training

At Chief Solutions, we take pride in delivering total quality inspection work in a safe manner to all of our customers, and we continue to succeed with a positive attitude. We are open to new ideas, and we keep up with the latest products and technology to provide our customers with good, quality work and to help move our company's business to a higher level.

Our quality work begins with Chief's company policy:

  • Using the most modern inspection equipment with innovative techniques.

  • Adapting and developing methods to meet our customer's inspection process needs.

  • Maintaining a strong training program to achieve a high level of skills and safety for our technicians.

The Chief Solutions Difference

Our record speaks for itself: Our crews perform physical inspections and field reconnaissance utilizing our proprietary efficiency equipment and methods patented in the United States and abroad for performing sewer line cleaning and television inspection. We have a 95% rate of identifying infrastructure problems on overall systems inspections of complete line cleaning and TV inspection of the sewer system, with the remaining 5% written reports identifying infrastructure problems in SSES planning stages for engineers and contractors for a 100% completed project.

We perform live line cleaning for high-flow medium and large sewer lines with tremendous success. Approximately 98% of debris is removed on initial line cleaning to reclaim line capacity, improving the flow. The remaining 2% of debris is removed and pre-televised after the bypassing of the line is completed, just before line renovation. Eliminating the bypass pumping for the majority of the line cleaning can be an enormous cost savings to the contractor.

We have a 100% success rate of completing line cleaning and TV inspections for sewer line rehabilitation contractors and have never needed to call another cleaning contractor to help us complete our job.

On several occasions, Chief Solutions has been called into complete sewer line cleaning and television inspections on line sections that the previous contractor could not complete.

  • Our reputation for professional excellence has earned us special recognition over the years. Our honors and awards include:

  • Chief Davis selected as a finalist for the 2008 Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in June, 2008

  • Large Business of the Year Award 2008 from the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Texas

  • Chief Davis' induction into the National Hall of Fame by the National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMAC) in June, 2007

  • Large Business of the Year Award 2007 from the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Texas

  • Business of the Year Award 2007 from the North Texas Regional Certification Agency

  • Outstanding MWBE Contractor 2004 from the City of Houston

Association Memberships
  • American Society of Civil Engineers

  • National Association of Sewer Service Companies

  • American Water Works Association

  • National Association of Manufacturers

  • Machine Design

Our long history, experience, and proven track record for quality work is why our clients choose us to get the job done right. Our client and project references can be furnished upon request. To learn more about our client's experience, please contact us for information regarding your SSES requirements.

Experience. Qualifications. Guaranteed.