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For Cable Companies

Chief Solutions, Inc., a technical consulting firm, is an industry leader performing physical inspections through sewer line cleaning and television inspection and other inspection methods for comprehensive Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Surveys (SSES). For over 23 years, Chief Solutions has been collecting design engineering data for complete engineering assessments.

As the communication and technology industries change at an ever-increasing speed, we have recently handled a growing number of requests for hydroexcavation and duct cleaning services from telecommunications and cable companies.

Our hydroexcavation services include helping cable firms to update their old underground cables, making it easier for these cable firms to provide faster, more reliable services.

Eventually, buried cables inside conduits require cleaning after years of infiltration from dirt and groundwater. Chief Solutions can help locate, dig up, and clean or replace old cables and conduits utilizing our existing fleet of combination water jet cleaning, vacuum trucks, and well-trained operators.

More information about our certifications, awards, and professional associations can be found on our About Us page. To discuss your current project, please contact us.

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