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Services for Rehabilitation Contractors

Chief Solutions, Inc., a technical consulting firm, is an industry leader performing physical inspections through sewer line cleaning, television inspection and other inspection methods for comprehensive Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Surveys (SSES) for over 23 years. We provide sewer line cleaning and television inspections to contractors for their execution of a well-planned sewer rehabilitation project.

Our proven 95% average line cleaning and CCTV inspection ratio on most overall systems is inspected utilizing our proprietary efficient equipment and methods patented in the United States and abroad for efficient sewer line cleaning and television inspection.

The remaining 5% of the system evaluation not completed by our CCTV inspection will have blockages in the line that we clearly mark so that contractors can plan the excavation process, at which time line cleaning and CCTV can be completed.

We perform live line cleaning for high-flow medium and large sewer lines with tremendous success. Our live line cleaning method has eliminated Bucket Machines from our cleaning process because they are a slower, more costly, and outdated method that can cause damage to pipes.

Approximately 98% of debris is removed on initial live line cleaning, and the remaining 2% of debris is removed and pre-televised after the bypassing of the line is completed. Eliminating the bypass pumping for the majority of the line cleaning can be an enormous cost savings for the contractor.

Our services are accurately marked, saving the contractor time and money when digging and backfilling reconnected services and repairs. Chief Solutions also updates contractors during all stages of the project and will complete post television inspection within the contractor's schedule.

Our crews arrive at each site with all of the tools and equipment necessary to get the job done right the first time - without any personal assistance from the contractor.

Our services include:

  • Water, storm and sanitary cleaning for all line sizes

  • Closed Circuit Television Inspection (CCTV) with color pan and tilt robotic cameras

  • Siphon Cleaning with CCTV

  • Service Lateral CCTV Inspections

  • Tunnel Surveying Investigations and cleaning

  • Live Line Cleaning

For more information about our past projects, awards, certifications, and professional associations, please see our About Us page.

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